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Pacific Pointe is a 60 unit 100% affordable Housing Project in San Francisco’s rapidly developing Hunters point neighborhood. INTERSTICE Architects as Associate Architect worked in collaboration with David Baker Architects to design the building for AMCAL of California, in addition to providing landscape architecture services to create a uniquely integrated project delivery.

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Sited at the very top of the new Shipyards development area it commands excellent views of the Bay and the surrounding Cities coastline in close proximity to the Bay Trail. The hilltop entry is punctuated by a perforated Corten steel, five story “lantern” which wraps the public assembly and common rooms around the elevator tower to shine as a beacon at night over the bay. Taking advantage of the fresh bay breezes the project is an open “bridged housing” concept with front doors to units entered directly from the open air courtyards which provide secure and lush private and public gathering spaces for the families of the community.


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The building is formed by two, interlocking L shaped volumes, with extended walkways that curve and bridge between them creating a unique transparency between separate courtyards that cascade down the steeply sloping site. The four to five-story housing structures connected by bridges enclose and shelter two seasonal Winter and Summer courts, who’s active and passive programs respond to solar orientation in serving the evolving community.




Site Plan 

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Site Analysis Diagram

Site View



SITE: Hunter’s Point Shipyard, San Francisco, CA

SCOPE: Architecture, Landscape Architecture

The “Summer” Court is by-level, providing circulation for common areas, bicycle and car parking, elevator, and mailboxes. A small, lower grove offers a shaded lobby and a transition to the upper level. The “Winter” Court’s dense plantings ensure privacy for residents and are punctuated with play features, log rafts, giant boat benches, complete with lighting elements, focal points, and lush ecological habitats. The underground parking structure is embedded and concealed into the slope of the site for easy open-air access to the lower court. A Historical Narrative art fence connects the cultural life of inhabitants past and present – telling its story of cultural diversity connecting the Olone first settlers, to today’s community leaders, to those yet to come along the sinuous patterned entryway along Friedell Street.