INTERSTICE Architects was founded…

… in the spirit of integration.

After years of working in separate disciplines, Andrew Dunbar and Zoee Astrachan founded INTERSTICE Architects in the spirit of “total design” – a seamless integration of structure and infrastructure, place-making and assembling, systems and material innovation.  INTERSTICE is a San Francisco-based multi-disciplinary and civic-minded firm of architects, landscape architects, urban designers and visual artists, forming a critical practice that has grown and evolved to design public and private spaces on projects of varying scales, always focused on the broadest possible interpretation of the designed realm.

Diversity is a hallmark of the firm’s work, centering on the exploration of ideas that cross scales and disciplines.  The designs that emerge are responses to a highly varied, yet specific, set of parameters, interests and fields.  Ecological aspirations, coupled with a strong bias toward the multiplicity of form, use and materiality, compel the firm’s work.  From working on small and highly detailed “urban furniture” installations to the re-visioning of acres of coastal frontage as an elaborate response to the challenges of sea level rise and bayside habitat degradation, INTERSTICE’s responses are highly attuned to the combined influence, and the unusual prospects, of solving for x simultaneously within the fields of architecture and landscape.  IA’s work is an experiential response to broader issues and opportunities – the use of repurposed waste stream materials, reversing the loss of bird and insect habitats, the stewardship of ancient trees, or creating minimalist solutions to complicated programs.  The firm’s built work embraces the intricacies of public-private partnerships to generate urban transformation.  INTERSTICE believes that there is beauty found in the making of the simple from the complex.