SITE: San Francisco, CA / SIZE: 2 acres

SCOPE: Central landscaped Bi-Level Plaza and Roof Plaza

DATE: 2012

CLIENT: NBBJ Architects

The reconfigured campus core surrounding the USF Center for Science and Innovation (CSI) is an integrated landscape that weaves through the new academic LEED Gold building located at the heart of USF’s urban campus.  The project comprehensively redefines the existing central plaza as a bi-level folded landscape which entangles and blurs interior and exterior space, creating multi-level access to buildings and landscape.  The components of this high-performing landscape include significant storm water filtration areas, water re-use for native planting irrigation and ecologically intensive habitat areas that correlate with the Center’s larger pedagogical objectives, as well as a tree-lined Campus Walk, an undulating lawn and a dining amphitheater.  The project seeks to provide a social landscape space that supports campus rituals, daily gatherings and special scheduled activities in a sustainable and supportive relationship to the larger regional ecologies native to the Bay area.