Reception Desk & Waiting Area

The office for Airtime was designed as a series of rooms to activate the office space and differentiate business and daily needs. Each room in the plan has a theme that collects color, texture, shape and scale to offer a new experience for the user.


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SITE: Airtime, San Francisco & New York City

DATE: 2011

Airtime came to INTERSTICE looking to establish a brand presence in an environment which embodied their user culture in a way which was not pedantic or derivative, but instead spontaneous and dynamic.

Taking yourself away, being in a separate environment and exploring new worlds of social interaction was at the core of the Airtime experience.

INTERSTICE borrowed imagery from iconic, highly-sensual environments, hybridized with the extremely artificial. Borrowing from Flash Gordon, NASA, dreams of portable environments, personal bubbles and space capsules, IA proposed creating situational rooms within the larger office environment which sponsored meetings, collaboration, unprompted discussions, play, brainstorming and escapism.

Within the monotonous floor plate of the speculative office space, the design focuses on creating a rain forest, Buck Rogers bio-pod, a grotto, and a war room conference enclosure borrowing super graphic camouflage from WWII naval vessels all the way to desert storm digital patterns.

In total eight separate environments were designed centering on dining services, reception, meetings, and break-out lounges which were all unique bubbles within the larger field of individual work stations.