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The project transforms a formerly closed, partitioned and crowded penthouse apartment into an open, light-filled penthouse. The long steel spans of the existing building’s frame were exploited to enhance flexibility and the overall flow of space – hierarchical false-work and built-up decorative layers were stripped away to reveal a minimalist progression of dynamic space. The re-organized interior is a series of rooms that evolve inwards in scale and texture, from a large open public living area, to an ever more intimate core of privacy and warmth. Interior “smart-wall” elements of consolidated program are deployed as large monolithic “furniture-like” objects which enhance the perception of openness. Expanses of sliding walls and glass doors work in concert to reveal flexible and informal spaces served by generous, cleverly-concealed storage.

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SITE: South of Market, San Francisco, CA

DATE: 2014

The resulting loft is a minimal space for urban living exhibiting two distinct characters: Firstly as neutral white box punctuated by exposed concrete shear walls and secondly as a tightly controlled layering of program-specific monolithic volumes constructed from walnut, blue steel, stone, glass, and felt. The interior unfolds gallery-like, displaying material volumes that serve specific functions of domestic life. Clean detailing compliments an authentic use of materials to provide the rigorous modernized space with a sense of intimacy and quiet luxury.