intersticearchitecture-7-9-16261665Cesar Rubio

Located in the Eureka Valley neighborhood of San Francisco, this tiny 900 sf. condominium on the second floor boasts expansive views of the city. A family of four needed to transform their home from a cramped 2 bedroom apartment to a spacious home that could accommodate its growing children, overnight guests, and entertaining. The complete overhaul of the unit’s interior created a “great room” – overlooking the Bay.  The kitchen, dining and living areas were joined with a dynamic cabinetry “smart-wall”, which morphs into a storage “dove-cot” closet and secret “treehouse” with a lofted fourth bedroom for guests.  A favorite Thiebaud painting became the inspiration for the abstract felted entry enclosure.  Existing wood ceilings were exposed and preserved unifying the interiors of the now four bedroom high performance Micro-Condominium.













bedCesar Rubio

Completed: 2016

Location: Eureka Valley, San Francisco

Scope: Interior Renovation; Schematic Design through Construction Observation

The single central core was deftly partitioned with sliding walls to create three partial bathrooms: a powder room, a shared half bath, and master bathroom all in one; with access from a master suite. A single larger bedroom was divided into two children’s bedrooms with counter-weighted beds that slide up and ‘disappear’ into the ceilings to make room for desks, books shelves and play.

With the condo’s limited square footage, storage was found in custom cabinetry solutions where dividers act as shoe racks, benches, and play lofts, homework cubbies and reading nooks – which permeate all rooms.  Wardrobe modules temporarily divide spaces into private areas, and then slide away to allow the family to be together again.