INTERSTICE Architects Dynamic Facade San Francisco from INTERSTICE Architects on Vimeo.

The INTERSTICE Architects office is located in the heart of San Francisco’s Lower Polk neighborhood, was transformed into a bright and spacious studio, suiting the multitude of needs of a busy and growing architecture firm.

IntersticeArchitecture-1173 SutterStreet-7-29-2015229878Cesar Rubio

The façade of the building is characterized by a large window, looking out onto Sutter Street. IA installed a screen using a Bosch component aluminum kit of parts, creating a highly customized dynamic screen system. The wood-paneled screen slides to reveal the front entrance; one module of the screen up like an awning to the sidewalk, offering the passersby a glimpse into the studio; while another module folds down into a bench, providing ample seating to anyone who wishes to enjoy a respite. The design of the façade encapsulates the idea of a brackish moment – a place where worlds intersect and exchanges occur. As a security screen, it offers protection but it gives outward as well –as it playfully engages the street, it offers a place to sit, and then folds up to become a screen again.

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Facade Composite 3

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Interior Reception Area

The interior features high ceilings and skylights which provide ample natural light, while the open work plan fosters an atmosphere of creativity, collaboration, and productivity. Central to the space is the floating conference room, recycled from the previous IA office in the Mission district. The conference room is a simple central volume of glowing salvaged glass. The 10 x 5 ft sheets of glass, sourced locally from an architectural salvage yard, clad an internal rigid wood 2 x 4 frame that supports an arsenal of conference room accessories including a large conference room table, screen, whiteboard, and is set up to display graphic boards of various sizes. The delicate aesthetic of the crystalline structure stands in concert with the brightness airiness of the space.

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Interior Details Trees

Interior Composite_bathroom_shop

Staircase Composite

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Interior Mezzanine Composite

Location: Lower Polk Neighborhood, San Francisco

Scope: Interior, Facade

Status: Complete

Customized modular work stations make up the main work space where large spacious desks are quickly overtaken by architectural drawing sets. Throughout the space there are a large ficus trees with elegant braided trunks growing through the desks of the workstations. The trees not only supply the space with oxygen, but their rich foliage also provide shade from the skylights during hot summer months and a festive atmosphere with fairy lights during the winter months. The floors of the studio are clad in steel; its rich tonal variation gives off an iridescent quality. A large customized bookshelf lines the wall separating a workshop space and brightly colored kitchen and bathroom area, above which sits the mezzanine, overlooking the studio with additional workstations and a breakaway worktable.