1.Marion Brenner

As Phase 2 of the Oakland Medical Campus, the Hospital Entry Plaza establishes a critical connection between Piedmont Street residential area and the Mosswood Park. This generous pedestrian-oriented greenway connects a neighborhood to a park while establishing a formal drop-off for visitors and patients to the hospital, lush with plantings and a grove of native live oaks all above-structure concealing the hospital services loading docks below. The plaza links the hospital to the parking garage, the Central Utility Plant (CUP), and the emergency entry while serving as an impromptu public open space for
events and informal gathering for a staff of over 500 people and the general public.

3.Marion Brenner

It is composed of major planting volumes which clearly organize the public spaces and screen vehicular movements from pedestrian-oriented areas. A linear path is established along a tree-lined promenade reconciling the grade difference between the vehicular-oriented Broadway Boulevard and the pedestrian-oriented Piedmont Street.

2.Marion Brenner
4.Marion Brenner
5.Marion Brenner

SITE: Oakland, CA

SCOPE: Landscape design, Light Court, Garden, Green Screen Structures, Creek Restoration

DATE: Completed 2013

Substantial storm treatment plantings dominate the south east corner of the site handling the entire run-off of all four buildings and hard-scape while allowing for significant inundation and retention in a hundred-year storm event. The landscape integrates substantial screening and living walls which surround the CUP creating a wellness environment critical to the hospital’s mission to create an environment that does not only cures disease but actively promotes health.