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SITE: Oakland , CA

SCOPE:Interior Courtyard and Garden Space

CLIENT : NBBJ Architects

TEAM : Interstice Architects, NBBJ Architects

The Special Medical Office Building (SMOB) landscape scope consists of two spaces enclosed within the building.  The first Courtyard space (2,700 square feet) is located on the first level and visually and physically connects both the SMOB and hospital buildings.  The courtyard, having access from north and south doors, is open to the public, members, visitors and hospital staff and thus is designed to be multi-functional and aesthetically stimulating, offering a variety of seating “rooms”, within a predominantly lush planted garden environment, that are connected by a sinuous path. The design of the landscape established a visual vocabulary of landscape elements that set a precedent for lush seasonal and thriving natural systems integrated into the healthcare environment, emphasized in both outdoors & interior environments.