Keli brings to INTERSTICE a passion for customization and a consummate skill for thoughtful and original details developed designing extensive residential and estate landscapes. She is detail-oriented with a keen material sensitivity and a knack for geometric complexity. Growing up in Hong Kong and New York City, Keli’s observation of the way space is negotiated in dense urban environments has shaped her design expression. Her fascination in navigating the urban landscape has enabled her to move between the private landscape in pursuit of creating beautiful and meaningful shared landscapes of public parks, streets and civic open-space at IA.

Keli’s undergraduate studies in Statistical Science at University of California, Santa Barbara allows her to integrate quantitative analysis in tackling design challenges by evaluating the critical drivers of building urban landscapes. Her data-driven approach propelled her graduate studies at Ohio State University where she earned her Master’s in Landscape Architecture exploring narrative placemaking through the poetic interpretation of post-wildland fire landscapes in California.

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