SITE: Mission Neighborhood, San Francisco, CA

SCOPE: Temporary Park

DATE : Sept 21, 2012

For our seventh annual Park(ing) Day* installation, Interstice Architects partnered with Public Bikes and Harrington Galleries to create an installation titled “Lighter than Air.” IA created a shaded space constructed entirely from balloons and inflatable furniture. The simple design of balloons tethered to an ‘invisible’ structure of tensioned nylon nets created a dynamic spatial experience as the many balloons moved gently in the breeze and created a play of light, shadow, and color within the seating space. The installation enjoyed heavy traffic and exposure, thanks in part to a partnership with Mamak SF catering free Malaysian Street Food to visitors. IA also assisted Public Bikes in creating an “Icarus Bike” – a Public Bike addorned with wings created from balloons – which visitors posed and took photos with to remember their visit to our installation.

*PARK(ing) Day event begun by REBAR