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The landscape at 500 Santana Row commercial office building enhances the pedestrian experience by connecting the new office building to the existing shopping district, while also providing outdoor meeting space and rooftop amenities with site-wide storm-water treatment. The landscape is situated primarily over structure, with all planting either in raised planters or recessed into structure below the first level. The planters are clad with wood to create a wood-lined “barge”-like container, supporting a series of smaller outdoor “rooms.” Wood seating is integrated into the patio for a retail space and under the oak tree where refuge from the hot summer sun is found.

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intersticearchitects.comDfsProjects11-06_SANTANA ROW LOT 11

SITE: San Jose, CA

SCOPE: Entry Plaza, Streetscape design

TEAM: WRNS Studio (Architects), IA (Landscape)

DATE: 2016

The new street tree planting on Olsen Drive and Winchester Avenue and the planting throughout the project is predominantly native and/or climate adapted planting including a native oak, under-story grasses and perennials, and ground-covering plant types.