SITE: Saratoga Beach, British Columbia

SCOPE: Pool, Deck, Bedroom, Living Area, Outdoor/Indoor Kitchen

The deep waters of the windswept Georgia Straight, which separate Vancouver Island from the jagged coast of Western Canada, are rich with marine aquatic life but very cold for humans. On a neighboring property to a  previous client’s Vacation Home,  INTERSTICE was asked to design a second guest house with a swimming pool, creating a composition of volumes to frame a protected inner landscape of majestic Douglass Firs between the two structures.  The one-story house extends horizontally to hover over the seaward dining deck with a view to the Rocky Mountains across the narrow Straight.  Organized along an exposed concrete spine to the North-West, which protects the building and pool from the prevailing north winds, the “inner” building opens up to the interior landscape.  Walls of folding and sliding glass permit the building to dissolve merging interior space and programs with the garden, pool and dramatic shoreline beyond.